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Quick Start


The recommended means of installation is using pip:

pip install ioc-fanger

Alternatively, you can install ioc-fanger as follows:

git clone && cd ioc_fanger;
python install --user;


Via Python

Use ioc-fanger as follows:

import ioc_fanger

ioc_fanger.defang("")  # example[.]com hXXp://bad[.]com/phishing[.]php
ioc_fanger.fang("example[.]com hXXp://bad[.]com/phishing[.]php")  #

(you can test this in the browser here)

Via Command Line

Once you install the package, there will be two commands available in the command line:

  • fang
  • defang

After each command, provide the text you would like to fang/defang:

fang "example[.]com"  #
defang ""  # example[.]com